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And she's so good.. [entries|friends|calendar]
angela nicole ♥


i'm a super sonic senior at THS, and i'm a 5'4" brunette bombshell. haha, i love soccer and every aspect of it. i play for buffalo united and we are the shit. it's my everything. i love to be creepers with my friends, occasionally get a little scandalous, and obviously just be huge freaks of nature. i love pictures, food, soccer, cristiano ronaldo (future husband,) marineland, cuddling, soccer clothes, books, harry potter, disney world, the buffalo sabres, the buffalo bills, the boston red sox and the colorado rockies. i love to laugh and make other people laugh. i like educated, well-informed, openminded, and very fun people to be around. hold a conversation with me. care about more than yourself. then i'll like you. i can be a bitch when i need to, and i like my strong soccer thighs.. even if they suck for pants shopping. my boyfriend is a part of me; AH 03/26/06. i love movies, music (something corporate/jack's mannequin) and andrew mcmahon in general. i love to write, sing, have dance parties, prank people, and of course make music videos. i miss my best friend. come home tarris! that's about it. read and weep, suckers.


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3.6.09 - 4:31 pm

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Wow. [
2.13.09 - 7:39 pm
Rest in peace Mr Borner and the rest of the victims of Flight 3407.

I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe it. I am a mess. I can't even imagine how Nicole is doing. I'm going over there Monday. I don't know if I can honestly stomach it.

I want to throw up.
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10.15.08 - 8:39 pm
[ mood | haha ]

Don't fucking talk shit. Almost certain I could kick ALL of your asses, silly bitches! K thankssss. The "kingdom" can shut their fucking mouths, or come talk to me before you feel like making fun of my friends and me. K? K!


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Shawty, I could take you thereee.. [
11.26.07 - 3:58 pm
[ mood | hungry ]

I want to go to UB. I just love everything about it. It's so close, but between dorming and soccer (hopefully) I'd have all the distance I'd need. I'm going to talk to Kelly tonight about seriously considering it, since it's my top choice.

MY KNEE SCAR DEPOSITION WAS GOING TO BE TOMORROW, BUT THE DEFENSE CANCELLED AGAIN. My lawyer is such a great guy, very calm and down-to-earth.. and very hard to anger. This is the fourth time they've delayed my deposition (settling for money) and it's ridiculous. They keep saying "they're not prepared/ready." How about you work on that? Doire's dad (Luscious LarBear is a lawyer) said the defense will try and drag it out as long as possible until we just give in and settle for less. Bitches please. Colin Campbell and the Nicholas' are coming to kick your ass New York State Youth Soccer Association, and we are coming for blood and money, equipped with a hairy, nasty and bitchy knee scar(s) that's prepared to do some fucking damage.

Angela Nicole wants a ring for Christmas! You would think Andy would pick up on it after I 1) Text him whenever a Kay or Zales commercial is on 2) Have the Zales/Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" ringtone on my phone and play it around him 3) Discuss other people getting rings 4) Having no ideas for my Christmas present, like literally none 5) Be dating me for one year and 8 months today! I found this one from Zales that I WANT. I want it. Really, really bad. But Andy wants an element of surprise. He's like "Oh you know what you want? Tell me! Wait.. I hate not surprising you, I don't want it not to be a surprise." Okay buddy, so figure it out already. Talk to someone. Who can slyly be like "HURR BITCH, SHE WANT DIS." For being a 4.0 fullride UB kiddie.. he cannot pick up on a hint to save his life.

This is the one I want: $200 from Zales. 1/5 CT. T.W. Diamond Promise Ring in 10K White Gold. Okay, opinions? Thoughts? Ideas? Help!

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Love me, love me..say that you love me.. [
11.20.07 - 9:44 pm
[ mood | content ]

"I'm the Marcia fucking Brady of the upper East side and sometimes, I want to kill myself." Lmao, perhaps the best line of Cruel Intentions. I'm watching it right now; it's been too long since I last saw it.

My friends are home! I have senior privileges, finally! I'm unbelievably pumped. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow, then leave with my friends for an hour and a half. Yay! Doire stole all my friends at the freaking leadership conference. Bitch. Possibly United practice tomorrow, but Kelly's trying to cancel. Hopefully she does, because I really would like to go out!

I need to shower. Goodnight!

EDIT: Two seconds after I wrote this, I got an e-mail saying practice is canceled tomorrow. That works wonderfully since it wasn't until 8:30 out in Elma, and now I can go out with my college friends who are all coming home! Yay. I will dearly miss BUSC though.

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Friends Only<3 [
8.9.04 - 2:26 pm
Friends Only.
Comment to be added.. you know you love me.♥
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